Vending The Smart Way

we do not offer rental equipment to individuals .Our rental options are strictly for registered companies.Terms and conditions apply.

1. Combination Machine- R 1800.00  pm per Combination– 18 Month Contract

2. Cold drink Vending machines - R950 pm - 12 month contract

3.Coffee Vending machines - R799 pm - 24 month contract

All Vending machines are on a Direct Rental basis To The lessee. Stock & Money is maintained by the Lessee For The Duration Of The Contract. All Technical Aspects and Services are warranted by the Lessor for the duration of the contract.  

Delivery, training and installation is Free within Gauteng and Tshwane.

Terms & Conditions Apply :

1) VAT Number 
2) CPIC Registration Number 
3) Valid Bank Account 
4) Proof of Company Address  
5)Minimum of 3 years in Trade
6)Proof of insurance

What We need:

1) A Months Deposit 
2) First Months Rental payable in advance 
3) Complete Our SLA Agreement

 Fully Guaranteed Technical support for the duration of the contract 
Vendsmart  responds to any technical call-outs within 24-48 hours, . 
 Service calls – Every 3 Months 
  On Installation, Full training would be provided to the responsible person re-filling the machine, daily maintenance & cleaning
Delivery – Strictly No Stairs.