About Us

About Us

Established in vending for over two decades, VendSmart has cemented its place within the vending industry as one of the leading refurbished vending machine suppliers in the marketplace to date. VendSmart is a certified supplier of Refurbished vending equipment and with a strong happy client base.

VendSmart is an online Service based Vending Company, supplying snack, combination vending machines, cold drink, cosmetic, PPE and Vape units. VendSmart also Customizes vending machine for product specific items.


VendSmart offers modern snack and combination machines in convenient sizes at no cost to your company.


Vending machines can fulfil the needs of the employees where no permanent or available canteen exists in a company.


Vending machines can fulfil the instant needs of employees and visitors in terms of convenience products and can fulfil this need on a 24/7 basis throughout the year.

VendSmart is responsible to ensure that all machines supplied is in good working condition. 


Benefits: to the company

·       Improved employee morale.

·       Increased productivity with products available directly in the office, no need for employees to go off site to external shops.

·       No loss of company time – convenience products are in direct reach to employees and guests.

·       24-hour access to confectionery products.